Shipping Details

We love to ship our products directly to you!  Because we ship food items, we take extra care to package them to reduce the risk of breakage.  As such, there are just a few things to let you know:

- We can ship 60ml and 200ml bottles of oils and vinegars

- When selecting bottle sizes, please keep in mind we can only ship what we can fit into a box safely. If there are any issues we will contact you

- A box can hold up to 6 of the 200ml and 4 60ml bottles at the same time.  We cannot combine 60ml gift boxes with 200ml bottles though  

- Each box will be shipped USPS (2-3 day) utilizing flat-rate shipping and the cost for each is $17

- To add shipping to your order, calculate the number of boxes you'll need and add that number of shipping boxes to your order

If you have any questions, please call us at (425) 877-8169.